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126. Embracing Inclusion in Photography: Lessons from Kelsey of Honey Bee Weddings

Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 81 "How to avoid being ghosted as a photographer"

81. How to avoid being ghosted as a photographer?

Podcast Episode 39 "How You Could Be Hurting Your Photography Business in 2022"

39. How You Could Be Hurting Your Photography Business in 2022

Podcast cover episode 26 "Letting Yourself Stand Out" with Leslie Rodriguez

26. Letting yourself stand out as a photographer with Leslie Rodriguez


20. Let connection drive your creative business with Kristin Sweeting

podcast cover mentoring call

16. How to get started as a photographer | Mentor call with new photographer

podcast cover episode 12 : success tips for introvert photographers

12. Succeed as an introvert photographer with Rachel Fugate

podcast cover learn to stand out so get booked

11. Learn to stand out so you get booked

podcast cover the value of education with Yvonne van Dalen

10. The value of education with Yvonne van Dalen


hi, i'm ingvild

I'm the host of the Sustainable Photography Podcast.

A sustainable business is profitable and lasting. Instead of short-term wins you want to make sure you’re doing things that matter. Both to yourself, and to create the business you want. The goal of this podcast is that it will help you build and structure your business around your life, instead of the other way around.

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