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A sustainable business is profitable and lasting. Instead of short-term wins, you want to make sure you’re doing things that matter. Both to yourself and to create the business you want.

Running a profitable photography business should be simple

But instead,

  • You get caught up in the belief that more bookings equal more earnings.
  • You push yourself to burnout working endless hours.
  • You keep working with the wrong clients.

It's the fast track to staying broke and ending up falling out of love with photography.

it is possible to work less and earn more


let’s get you to attract the kind of clients you’d love to work with, and who will love to work with you

Free up time to unleash your creativity instead of throwing in the towel.

I know it's possible because 

I’ve been there

Learn how to build a better business. 

This is not the place to learn how to take beautiful photographs - you already know how to do that.

This is where you get help to create a profitable business in fewer hours.

Join the facebook group where we talk all things photography business.

You want to:

  • check-education-green

    be more profitable without having to work more hours

  • check-education-green

    free up your time to unleash your creativity

  • check-education-green

    work with clients you love (and who love you back)

Hi, sweet friend,

I'm Ingvild.

I’m all about teaching talented photographers how to best run their business. A business where you make good money and attract clients you love working with. all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

I thrive on learning and growing my business, and I’ve gathered all my knowledge to give to you. Why? Because I’ve been there.

I’ve made all the mistakes and taken all the detours. I’ve charged way too little and taken on every wedding in sight without a second thought. This (of course) led to both burnout and working with couples I didn’t truly resonate with. I’ve had a terrible website, done way too much work myself, and spent oh so much time sorting out useless details. You shouldn’t have to make the same mistake I’ve made.

Slowly I managed to figure it all out. I learned to calculate my rates, I started to say NO, began outsourcing, and had more fun while working. After over a decade as a photographer, I can help you get to where you want to be. I’ll even help you figure out where that is.

I’ve seen so many photographers struggle, despite their immense skills. So many are going through burnout. Undercharging by miles because they have no idea how to do the math. Spending way too much time on delivering images and struggling to get the right clients.

I love all the boring stuff – the numbers, the tech, the analytics. I’ll dive into your marketing, your website, and social media and create a plan for you – so you don’t have to.


You are So ready for the next step!

let's talk

What you can find here


A group mentorship that teaches you what you need to know to have a profitable business. Make more money, work with clients you LOVE.


You want to make a living as a photographer, and that's what this podcast will help you do. Every other week a new guest is introduced and you can listen in on honest conversations and you'll learn about our mistakes and things that can help you grow.

Want to learn the step by step process from booking a client to delivering the photos?

Get the free roadmap to create a solid workflow for your photography business.


Download the FREE 'Workflow Roadmap' guide here

It includes the easy 4-step process to create a workflow that gives you structure and freedom.

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