86. Book more photography clients using Pinterest with Jen Vazquez

Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 86 "Book more photography clients using Pinterest with Jen Vazquez"

Have you thought about using Pinterest to reach more clients?

Pinterest is a helpful place for photographers to show their pictures and find the right clients. In this podcast episode, Jen Vazquez will share how you can get started with Pinterest today.

Jen Vazquez is the founder and CPO (Chief Pinterest Officer) of Jen Vazquez Media and is known to many as the Pinterest Queen. She guides hyper-busy female service providers to create one streamlined marketing workflow. Her Pinterest agency supports busy service providers who want to outsource their Pinterest marketing because they recognize Pinterest’s effective traffic but prefer to work in their genius zone and leave Pinterest to an expert.

Achieving sustainability in your business

A sustainable business is one where you balance working too much and working too little. It’s when your business pays you and you can still enjoy your days off with your family and friends. 

It may be hard to find that balance if you’re not aware of how to manage your business, and that includes marketing, paying off your expenses, and a lot more. But once your business becomes profitable and you get to enjoy your life more, that’s when you start becoming sustainable.

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Episode 53

Posting on Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform for photographers that will take you just a little bit of time if you have the right workflow. It is perfect for your photography business goals. When you figure out how to promote your business this way it’s will really help you out.

You have to envision that with Pinterest, you can grow your business. 

When you use Pinterest analytics, it can be overwhelming at first, but these numbers help you grow your business. It tells you what went wrong and what went right. They’re not just vanity numbers, but you really have to understand them so that you know what to do about them. 

When you use Pinterest, you shouldn’t focus on the number of saves, but the number of clicks you get to your website. So don’t just focus on creating content or pinning content for the sake of saves, you also need to direct them to your content and brand. 

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Episode 14

How to make your Pinterest account work

Pinterest isn’t really social media, it’s a search engine like YouTube. If you’re wanting to test out Pinterest, do it now, even if it’s not great. At the very least, start the process.

Here are some of the things you should do to make your Pinterest account reach your target clients:

  1. Use the right keywords. They are the secret sauce to finding success on Pinterest. You don’t need to create hashtags anymore as these are not useful because they can’t be clicked. You need to use keywords in all your Pinterest boards, and on all your pins. Use your keywords in the board description, in the title, and in your pins. 
  2. Create an optimized profile. Pin the points that your client may have or what they’re looking for. Be that photographer that your dream client is looking for. 
  3. Write or create the right content. Have educational content for your clients. You can rotate and reuse the content you create on your other social media platforms. You can do FAQs, and some tips for your niche clients. There are so many things that you can create content about. 
  4. Use location-based keywords on 90% of your content. This will help you attract the right clients. Be very specific about the location. 

Photographers, in general, have more photos than anyone else. You can do three to four pins a day because two of the pins can be from your content and two of the pins, or even three of the pins a day, can be your gorgeous photos.

How to avoid mistakes

  1. Use the same image profile image on Instagram as you do on Pinterest because it makes it easier for people to find you.
  2. When researching how to use Pinterest, always look at how old it is. If the content is older than six months, it may not be accurate. If it’s less than six months, it could be accurate. But test it.
  3. Don’t go all in on what someone says. Strategies also change.

Use a workflow to help you fit Pinterest work into your marketing. Your marketing workflow typically starts with your content. Whatever you’re sharing, share it on all the platforms, and don’t worry about sharing something on Instagram, and then immediately putting it on Facebook. Nobody sees all of the content on all platforms all at once.

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When you’re pinning, it should be from the content you already have. When you’re doing graphic work, think of all your platforms and create all the sizes you need. Make sure that you get to post it on multiple places and just get that little bit of extra out of it. But if you start from scratch, every single time you’re posting something on every platform, you are going to get exhausted.

It’s just a little bit more work and you get a lot more reach, and that’s how it’s worth it.

What Jen wants you to know

Pinterest is perfect for photographers who want grow their businesses in about an hour a week.



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86. Book more photography clients using Pinterest with Jen Vazquez

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