36. Improve your photography workflow and save time with Charlotte Isaac

Podcast Episode 36 "A powerful photography workflow can save your business - and sanity with Charlotte Isaac"

Charlotte Isaac is a Business Operations Consultant who gave up her role as a corporate ops manager inside of a creative agency so that she could serve small business owners who love their people just as much as she does hers. Through her signature program, Ease Seekers Society, and her DIY Dubsado shop, Charlotte helps overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneurs build customized solutions so they can serve their clients better, automate busywork, and feel confident in their business. Blessed with a travel bug herself, Charlotte leads by example, having designed her own business in a way that allows plenty of space to enjoy life with her husband, both in their hometown of Sydney, Australia, and around the world.

Sometimes doing small tasks take much of your time. Sometimes because you procrastinate doing it because you think it’s not that important. But, the more you ignore these tasks, the more they pile up. And that makes it even more boring to do. And it is also exhausting, as it will take you so much time to complete it. You have to improve your photography workflow in order for your business to thrive.

That’s why you have to automate these types of jobs. It will give you more freedom to do other things, the tasks that you actually like doing, and/or help your business make money. Charlotte Isaac is a well-known business operations consultant. She’ll guide you through the ins and outs of business automation.

Automation and sustainability in business

Tools and software to ease business tasks are continuously updated. New features and applications pop up from time to time. Sometimes, it is quite scary to use them.

But when you realize how beneficial it is to automate, there’s no turning back. It will make you more sustainable as it creates a consistent flow of work.

Benefits of business automation

  • Small tasks are done faster and without much supervision.
  • It’s quicker to get things done. Which saves you time and money. You can go on holiday and still make money.
  • You won’t miss important details. Since it is programmed the way you want it, information is always complete.

Improving your photography workflow

Client relationship management software (CRM)  is the best thing nowadays. It is looking after your clients and your business. It can be your FAQs, contracts, invoices, automatic e-mail responses, forms, and many other things. You can also create a client portal that your clients can have access to. It’s the easiest way to have that instant connection with your clients.

Automation will improve your photography workflow, even the simplest task taken off your hands will free up time and energy. That means you will have more time for your business. Your time will be spent doing what you like most in your photography business.

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Episode 31

Starting business automation

Start by automating things by yourself. It may seem scary at the start but that’s when you learn and gain experience. Here are some tips for starting to automate portions of your business:

  1. Identify your client process and build a checklist.
  2. Test every automated task.
  3. Accept that mistakes and problems will arise.
  4. Step back and think about how to serve your clients better.

Remember that you will make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes and do better to improve our photography workflow. Client feedback is also important to help you fix or add things. This gets your client experience to a new level.

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Episode 23

What Charlotte wants you to know

Everyone who has a photography business can set up automated tasks. Gone are the days when you feel exhausted while doing all the work. Identify the simple things that take most of your time and have these automated. Automating tasks makes your relationship with clients more consistent and reliable. Always remember to keep up with the trends in the tools and software that can improve your workflow. If you want to know more about “7 steps to automation” you can check Charlotte’s website.

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Podcast Episode 36 "A powerful photography workflow can save your business - and sanity with Charlotte Isaac"
Sustainable Photography
36. Improve your photography workflow and save time with Charlotte Isaac

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