91. How to work less and be more productive with Vikki Louise

In this episode of the Feminist Time, Productivity & Rest podcast, your host Vikki Louise welcomes you to explore the world of innovative time management systems and tools. Join Vikki, the UK’s leading Feminist Time, Productivity and Rest Coach, as she shares her expertise in solving time problems for individuals and organizations while maximizing productivity and promoting self-care.

Vikki is the UK’s leading Feminist Time, Productivity and Rest Coach, innovating outdated time management systems and tools that simply have left us overworked, busy and less productive. After graduating from the London School of Economics, she worked in finance, and tech, before founding her coaching company. She helps individuals and organizations solve their time problems, while achieving more, and hosts the top 1% “Feminist Time, Productivity & Rest podcast”, downloaded over 600,000 times.

Vikki’s Journey and Expertise

Vikki begins by sharing her journey from the finance and tech sectors to becoming a renowned coach and founder of her coaching company. With a degree from the London School of Economics, she brings a unique perspective to time management and productivity. Her goal is to help listeners achieve more while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The Myth of Overwork

Vikki challenges the notion that working harder and longer leads to increased productivity. She explores the negative effects of overwork, including burnout and decreased efficiency. It’s important to rest and take care of yourself. Consider those essential components of productivity and success.

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Episode 53

Redefining Time Management

Drawing on her experience, Vikki presents a new approach to time management that prioritizes personal well-being. She discusses the outdated nature of traditional time management systems and tools and proposes innovative alternatives to help listeners reclaim their time and energy.

The Power of Saying No

Be sure to set boundaries and say no to tasks that don’t align with your priorities. In the episode Vikki gives practical tips on how to communicate assertively and establish healthy boundaries in both personal and professional settings. By learning to say no, you can regain control over your time and focus on what truly matters.

Productivity through Rest

Rest is a crucial factor in maintaining productivity. In the episode Vikki explores different rest strategies, including intentional breaks, mindfulness practices, and adequate sleep. By incorporating rest into their routines, listeners can enhance their productivity and overall well-being.

Feminist Approach to Time

Vikki highlights the feminist perspective on time management and its role in promoting gender equality. She discusses the challenges women face in balancing multiple roles and responsibilities and offers strategies for reclaiming time and fostering empowerment.

Takeaways for Success

Vikki concludes the episode by summarizing the key takeaways for achieving success through feminist time management. She emphasizes the power of doing less to achieve more and encourages listeners to prioritize their well-being and set boundaries. By implementing these strategies, individuals and organizations can create a more sustainable and fulfilling approach to time management.

What Vikki wants you to know

It’s possible to do less and achieve more!


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91. How to work less and be more productive with Vikki Louise

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