90. Effective marketing with Nicole den Harder

In this episode, Nicole den Harder shares her experiences and expertise in creating a strong online presence, connecting with clients, and nurturing relationships. Whether you’re a wedding photographer, a newborn photographer, or a branding photographer, these strategies can help you attract the right clients and build a sustainable business.

Nicole den Harder is a photographer from Holland specializing in personal brand, business, and product photography. She loves working with entrepreneurs who have a clear vision and helps them visually represent their brands through her expertly captured images. Nicole also offers an online course to teach photographers and webshop owners how to create their own atmospheric photos.

The Exhaustion of Trying to Be Everywhere

Nicole and Ingvild explore the common trap of trying to be present on every platform and the toll it takes on photographers. They emphasize the need for balance between work, personal life, and health. They discuss the importance of avoiding overextension, absorbing excessive information, and underpricing services.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Nicole dives into her insights on effective marketing strategies. She highlights the value of building genuine connections and engaging with followers on platforms like Instagram. Nicole also emphasizes the importance of having a strong website optimized for search engines (SEO) to drive traffic. She discusses the symbiotic relationship between Instagram and a website, where Instagram focuses on day-to-day interactions and the website serves as a long-term strategy. Additionally, she shares the benefits of building an email list and sending newsletters to nurture client relationships and share valuable content and offers.

Nurturing Client Relationships

Nicole and Ingvild discuss the significance of consistent effort and engagement in nurturing client relationships. They stress the importance of engaging with followers, responding to messages, and personalizing interactions to build strong connections. While personal content may receive more engagement, they highlight the need to include sales and offers in marketing efforts to ensure clients are aware of available services.

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The Importance of Authentic Branding

Nicole shares her perspective on authentic branding. She explains that branding goes beyond aesthetics and involves being true to oneself and effectively communicating value to the audience. Nicole emphasizes the importance of consistency across different platforms while acknowledging that messaging and tone may vary based on the audience and platform. She highlights authenticity, connecting with clients on a personal level, and building trust as key components of effective branding.

Tips for Offline Marketing

Nicole provides insights into offline marketing strategies. She encourages photographers to engage with people in real life and initiate conversations with potential clients. Nicole suggests attending networking events, connecting with web designers, and seeking collaborations with professionals who can benefit from photography services. She emphasizes the need to tailor conversations to the specific audience and needs of the target clients.

Attracting the Right Clients

The conversation shifts to attracting the right clients. Nicole recommends seeking feedback from previous clients to understand what triggered their choice of photography services. She suggests rewarding clients who provide reviews or advice with something extra as a token of appreciation. Nicole also advises photographers to create a clear picture of their ideal client to focus marketing efforts effectively.

Building a Sustainable Business

Nicole and Ingvild discuss practical steps for building a sustainable photography business. They highlight the importance of developing a schedule or agenda to structure work time effectively. They encourage photographers to plan and prioritize tasks to stay on track and meet their goals. They also stress the benefits of aiming for a steady monthly income to alleviate financial stress and provide stability in the business.

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Episode 53

Conclusion In conclusion,

Nicole and Ingvild emphasize the importance of effective marketing, consistent branding, and nurturing client relationships for building a sustainable photography business. They encourage photographers to find a balance between online and offline strategies, leverage social media platforms like Instagram, create a strong website, and engage with potential clients in real life. By implementing these strategies, photographers can attract their ideal clients and create long-term success in the industry.

What Nicole wants you to know

Start before you’re ready! You’re never totally ready for anything, so just get started, learn along the way. Use social media like Instagram to really connect with your audience. That’s what helped me grow my business!



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90. Effective marketing with Nicole den Harder

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