64. How to overcome Imposter Syndrome with Brooke Jefferson

Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 64 "Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Brooke Jefferson"

How to overcome imposter syndrome? That is what we’re diving into in this episode with Brooke Jefferson.

When photographers like you feel you’re not enough and always end up comparing yourself to others, you might have the imposter syndrome. So what can you do to overcome imposter syndrome.

Most of the time, when photographers feel like they have control over their work, it can be a powerful motivation. Having clear boundaries in place can help you create a sense of balance in your lives. That can lead to improved mental health and emotional well-being. 

Meet Brooke Jefferson. She is a family photographer, business coach, and podcast host. She started her photography business in 2014. Since then, she has helped photographers build profitable, sustainable businesses without burning out. Brooke has experienced Imposter Syndrome herself and shares that it’s normal and that people should overcome it. She is also the host of a top podcast called Book More Client Photography. 

Here are some tips to help you to overcome Imposter Syndrome:

  • Identify when comparison and Imposter Syndrome are happening.
  • Look for triggers and set boundaries to prevent comparison and Imposter Syndrome.
  • Stop taking things personally and focus on building relationships through other means than digital platforms.

Identify when comparison and Imposter Syndrome are happening

Some of the most common triggers are scrolling through social media or seeing what other photographers are doing.

When experiencing this thought, it is important to recognize that it is a normal feeling. It is something that can be controlled. You have to set boundaries when following photographers on social media. And even in engaging in content that might bring up negative feelings. You need to stop taking things so personally, as sometimes it is not about you as a person. More often, it is about the content and the conversations taking place. You can also equip yourself with the tools to avoid experiencing Imposter Syndrome. This may be through meditation, journaling, or talking to a friend. The most important thing to realize when you experience Imposter Syndrome. Recognition is the ultimate, the first step.

Another way to overcome comparison and Imposter Syndrome is to practice self-compassion. Remember that everyone experiences Imposter Syndrome. You need to give yourself the same kindness you would extend to a friend. Positive affirmations like you are enough and capable of achieving your goals can help you. It is also important to focus on your own successes and to celebrate small wins. This can help to build confidence and remind you of the progress you have already made.

Also, it is important to ask for help if needed. This could be in the form of a mentor, a coach, or a therapist. Seek out the support you need to stay focused and to keep growing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Comparison and imposter syndrome don’t have to stand in the way of success.

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Look for triggers and set boundaries to prevent comparison and Imposter Syndrome

Triggers can include scrolling through social media and seeing posts from other photographers. This can make you feel like you are behind other photographers.  You need to be aware of what is triggering these feelings. For example, you can unfollow or mute other photographers.  This will reduce the amount of comparison and Imposter Syndrome you will experience. Setting boundaries can also include not taking things personally. Instead of assuming other people’s lack of engagement on your posts is negative, it is not always personal. Take the time to reach out and connect with other photographers in real life. 

Imposter syndrome and comparison can be rooted in our own insecurities and mindsets. Identify and challenge these insecurities. For example, if you constantly compare your work to others, examine why you are doing this. Then challenge the idea that the work of others is better than yours. Everyone has a different path and experiences successes and failures in different ways. Even though someone else may be further along in their journey, it does not mean you have to be. 

You should also take time for yourself to celebrate your successes and accomplishments. Take the time to reflect on what you have achieved. Knowing how far you have come will help you to recognize your own unique value and expertise. This will allow you to focus on your own journey and successes. 

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Stop taking things personally and focus on building relationships through other means than digital platforms

To stop taking things personally, remind yourself that you are valuable and worthy. Remind yourself that not everyone is going to react the same way to what you post or create. Step back and recognize when you are feeling overwhelmed or triggered by something. Recognizing the signs can allow you to take the necessary steps to protect your mental health. 

It is important to reach out and make connections. You can attend events, join local organizations, or even simply have coffee with someone. Sometimes, you need a break from the digital world. It can also help to remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. There are plenty of photographers out there who are willing to help you. 

Aside from building relationships, it is important to practice self-care. This can involve engaging in activities that make you feel good and help reduce stress. This could include taking a walk, going for a bike ride, yoga, meditation, or even just taking some time to read a book. Taking a break and focusing on yourself can help to reset and restore your mental health. 

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It is also important to remember to be kind to yourself. This includes being kind to yourself when things don’t go as planned or when you make mistakes. Acceptance of yourself and where you are in life is key. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and worthy of self-love and kindness. 

Setting boundaries is essential for photographers to overcome imposter syndrome and comparison. Recognize when comparison and imposter syndrome are happening and look for triggers. Setting boundaries can reduce the amount of comparison and imposter syndrome experienced. Additionally, don’t take things personally.  Just focus on building relationships through other means than digital platforms. With the right mindset and the right boundaries, photographers can gain the confidence and inspiration needed to reach their goals. You can do it too, so don’t be afraid to reach for success. 

What Brooke wants you to know

Imposter syndrome will be something you struggle with from time to time throughout your photography career, but you can equip yourself with the tools to overcome it. 

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64. How to overcome Imposter Syndrome with Brooke Jefferson

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