23. How to get the best testimonials

Podcast cover episode 23 "How to Get the Best Testimonials" with Ingvild Kolnes.

You’re here because you’re wondering, how to get photography testimonials?

Getting good reviews and testimonials can have a huge impact on your business for many reasons: 

  • A review is an outsider’s perspective. It’s not you selling your service, it’s someone else’s take and someone else’s experience. That means it offers added credibility. It’s a way of showing that you’re actually good at what you do. 
  • Being a creative means you go through ups and downs. Adding “getting testimonials” to your workflow will make it easier for you to collect the great things people are saying about you, and it’s a great asset for you to have when you’re feeling low. You don’t have to wonder if you’re good enough, your clients are telling you that you are!
  • Testimonials are a great way to answer new clients’ questions and concerns and make them feel confident about choosing you. It will probably feel more trustworthy and relatable coming from a third party than you trying to convince them why you’re worth it.

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The review you want your clients to leave you

A review can be boring and worthless, like “thanks for all the photos”, or it can be a loving and raving testimonial about what they were looking for and what they got. And how they felt throughout their time working with you.

Just like with your portfolio, it doesn’t really help you to have tons and tons. The most important thing is to have a handful of really really good ones that you use in a sensible way.

How to get photography testimonials? Good ones that is!

  • You have to do a good job. Give your clients what they want and what they paid for. Treat them well. Make sure that your communication is clear and you answer their questions before they even get around to asking them. 
  • It’s also important not to promise more than you deliver. That means if you say a delivery time, make sure you don’t exceed it. In fact, you should always try to deliver before you promised to. Extend your deadlines so that you can deliver ahead of time. 
  • Ask for the review. Sure, sometimes your clients will send you a message and let you know how happy they are spontaneously, but a lot of the time you have to ask. And even if they send you something without you asking, you have to ask them for permission before using it. 
  • Make it easy for your clients and guide them. Explain to them why it matters, and how they can help others like them make the right choice in photography by sharing their experience.  Give them a link to where they can leave the review or ask them some questions. Many think it’s hard to think of what to say, and if you guide them, it will be easier for you to get a review that you can actually use. 

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How do you use your reviews?

  • Add them to your website. And I don’t mean create a page with reviews, because that means you’re hiding them. You don’t want that! You want to make sure that they can’t be avoided, so sprinkle them across your website. 
  • Add them to your pricing guide. Pricing is often where people get scared, so it’s a great place to reassure them that you’re worth it.
  • Also, add them to your social media. Instagram stories, and posts. Caption or as a graphic. Don’t be scared to share again and again. If you pair it with the photos they got it’s even more powerful.
  • Hang them on your wall. Getting those reminders of how talented you are and how happy you make people is just what you need when you’re having a bad day.

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Podcast cover episode 23 "How to Get the Best Testimonials" with Ingvild Kolnes.
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23. How to get the best testimonials

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