122. Unlocking the Secrets to Sustainable Photography Business Success with Jane Goodrich

In today’s fast-paced world, photographers often find themselves tangled in the web of creativity versus profitability. The passion for capturing moments through the lens is undeniably pure, yet the challenge of running a successful business can sometimes feel overwhelming. In an insightful conversation with Jane Goodrich, we dive deep into the realms of pricing, mindset, and the blueprint for building a sustainable photography business that not only pays the bills but fuels the soul.

Jane Goodrich is an accomplished newborn and family photographer, a seasoned expert in photography business, a professional mentor, and the visionary Founder of Picsello. Jane mentors professional photographers about the business side of Photography and has taught classes and seminars for organizations such as PPA, Ana Brandt’s Baby University, The Baby Summit, and the Milkyway’s Business Retreat. She has also made significant contributions by sharing her invaluable insights on the business aspects of photography through platforms like PetaPixel.

Jane’s latest business venture is dedicated to empowering fellow photographers to attain their utmost levels of success. Picsello is purpose-built software designed to provide the tools and support for photographers in the management, marketing, and monetization of their businesses. Drawing from decades of industry experience and years of meticulous research, Jane collaborated with other prominent photography experts and led a top-tier tech team to craft an unparalleled platform that is changing the photography business for many.

The Journey to Profitable Pricing

Pricing is a puzzle many photographers struggle to piece together. But Jane Goodrich’s approach demystifies this challenge, offering clear-cut strategies rooted in transparency and practicality. Jane emphasizes the necessity of understanding your numbers – from the cost of running your business to the time invested in each project. It’s not just about charging what you think you’re worth; it’s about calculating your worth based on concrete data. 

Jane’s journey from a professional photographer to a mentor and software platform founder reveals the missing link in many photographers’ businesses: tangible tools to navigate the financial aspect. Her creation of a price calculator underscores the need for a resource that takes the guesswork out of pricing, empowering photographers to anchor their passion in profitability.

The Pillars of Sustainability in Photography

Achieving sustainability in the photography business requires a multifaceted approach. Jane and host Ingvild Kolnes peel back the layers on what it means to have a business that stands the test of time. It’s about striking a balance between your creative pursuits and the business’s operational demands.  

One pivotal aspect they discuss is the significance of viewing your photography business through the lens of a long-term career, not just a fleeting passion project. This involves making strategic investments in your business, such as education on the business side of photography and core tools like efficient editing software and reliable backup solutions.

Building Confidence and an Abundance Mindset

A recurring theme in the conversation is the impact of confidence and mindset on a photographer’s journey. The fear of increasing prices, facing competition, and the uncertainty of acquiring enough clients can paralyze even the most talented photographers. Jane suggests a solution rooted in shifting to an abundance mindset. 

By focusing on your own growth and potential, rather than fixating on the competition, photographers can carve out a thriving space in the industry. Jane shares her own experiences with mindset shifts and demonstrates how believing in the abundance of opportunities can transform one’s business approach.

Sustainable Business: Beyond the Camera

Both Jane and Ingvild stress the importance of building a business that sustains not just financially but also personally. This involves creating a business model that aligns with your lifestyle goals and values. Whether it’s achieving a work-life balance, building a strong client base for repeat business, or diversifying income streams, the essence of sustainability is about creating a business that supports your overall well-being.

In Conclusion: Making the Leap

The conversation with Jane Goodrich serves as a reminder that building a sustainable photography business is within reach. It requires a blend of passion, practicality, and patience. By focusing on the foundations of profitable pricing, investing in the unglamorous yet essential aspects of your business, and nurturing an abundance mindset, photographers can unlock a path to long-term success.

As we navigate our own journeys in the photography business, let’s take a cue from Jane and Ingvild – embrace the complexity, commit to learning, and celebrate each step towards sustainability.

What Jane wants you to know

As a small business owner it’s important to have an abundance mindset.


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Ingvild Kolnes is the host of the Sustainable Photography Podcast, an educator for photographers, and is ready to help you with your photography business. 

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Sustainable Photography
122. Unlocking the Secrets to Sustainable Photography Business Success with Jane Goodrich

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