a 5 day coaching series for established photographers looking to make more money

you can have a more profitable business with strategic offers your clients want to book - without feeling you're too expensive.

April 22nd - 26th.

we start in


make sure your business is


You should join


  • to make sure your packages are set up in a strategic way to get booked
  • if you're a photographer with a business you want to grow.
  • if you can set aside 5 hours to do the work.

"I’m so thankful that I found Ingvild when I needed something to push me in the right direction!"

sign up to the 5-day live workshop series and...

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    Stop feeling like you're too expensive

    The way you think about your pricing is cruical.

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    Adjust your prices to attract new clients

    without the fear of losing business.

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    Restructure your offers to boost profits

    In a way that can help you get booked.

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    Avoid the most common pricing mistakes photographers make

    So you can adjust your prices without risking losing business.

daily video lesson and live coaching call

You also get a guidebook with the steps to follow

this is for you

if you want to...

  • have a profitable, sustainable business.

  • be able to raise your prices and still get booked.

  • have more time for yourself and your family as well as get paid what your services are worth while doing what you love.

  • if you want to make a good living from photography.

you choose

what you want

It's up to you if you want to keep your prices. And feel your way through having a business.



you can choose to


figure it out


I know you take your business seriously, so be sure to optimize your prices and offers. That way you can have a more profitable business, free up time and have the life you deserve to have.

This live workshop series will help you create profitable offers your clients wants to book.

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Let’s create profitable offers!

only $47 for all five days

we begin in...


April 22nd - 26th


hey, i'm


I'm an educator and mentor for photographers.

So often we let our feelings run our businesses for us. We feel our prices are too high. We feel a new camera is just the thing that will take us to the next level. We feel there aren't enough right clients around.

While I understand that feeling. I want to help you make choices based on something more than that.

My job, and my passion, is to help talented but overworked photographers like you get back in touch with the artist you want to be. Where you work with dream clients without having to work too much.

I do this by helping you build your confidence and set boundaries, and teach you to charge what your work is worth. I do this through a 7-step program so that you can make a living from your creativity.

It starts here, with the live workshop series.

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You'll get videos sent to your inbox every day, and you can join a daily coaching session if you want.

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