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5 sales in 5 days

Let's supercharge your photography business, boost your sales, and end the year on a high note

Join this exclusive 5-day course and discover strategies to secure 5 sales in just 5 days!

Dec 4th - 9th

we start in


making a


is more important for your business

than visibility ever could be

Give your business a boost and prove to yourself that you CAN do this, and it will be worth it to keep going.

1:1 strategy call



1:1 call worth $299

A private 1:1 call to review your business strategy.

Here's What You'll Learn Each Day:

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    Day 1: Unlocking Opportunities

    You probably have people in your inbox dying to work with you. And you're completely missing the mark. Let's fix that, shall we?

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    Day 2: Maximizing Your Offerings

    Dive into your offerings and strategically plan your sales approach. I bet you'll be surprised by what you discover.

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    Day 3: Make the most of Social Media

    Craft and share compelling social media posts and stories. It's a great way to spread the word and support your sales efforts.

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    Day 4: The Art of Pitching

    Perfect your pitching skills. Reach out to potential clients with confidence. You don't want anyone to miss out, do you?

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    Day 5: Rinse and Repeat for Ongoing Success

    Discover that success doesn't always come from where you expect. And add this structure to your existing workflow.

daily live lesson

this is for you

if you want to...

  • prove to yourself that you can make more sales when you set your mind to it.

  • boost your spirits and make extra money before the year ends.

  • apply these strategies whenever you need a cash injection or seamlessly integrate them into your regular workflow.

don't miss out on

your path to more sales

You can stay passive, and just see what might come without you making any changes



you can choose to


learn effective


Enroll now and transform your photography business with the Photographer's Power Pitch. Unleash your sales potential and make the next five days the most profitable of the year!

This live workshop series will help you create effective sales strategies.


Let’s sell more now

$349 for all five days

we begin in...


December 4th - 8th


hey, i'm


I'm an educator and mentor for photographers.

My job, and my passion, is to help talented but overworked photographers like you get back in touch with the artist you want to be. Where you work with dream clients without having to work too much.

I do this by helping you build your confidence and set boundaries, and teach you to charge what your work is worth through a 7-step program so that you can make a living from your creativity.

It starts here, with the live workshop series.

Frequently asked questions

The first lesson is held live on December 4th at 6 PM / 18.00 CET. There will be a recording you'll get access to later.