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How to stand out from the crowd, so you get booked?

If you’re just one of too many, it can be really hard to stand out. And the chances are high that price plays a huge part in getting chosen.

Instead of competing only by the price, show your personality and your values. You’re more likely to get booked because of that. And you can charge more because you’re unique, instead of just another one. So booking more can look like more shoots, for more money or more of the right people.

When you’re showing up as yourself, you’ll start to attract Better clients. And by better, I mean people that are more like you. One photographer’s dream client is another photographer’s nightmare, which is SO great. There are right people out there for YOU – you just have to dare to show up as yourself instead of hiding away or trying to be someone you’re not.

The most unique thing about you could be what you’re most afraid of showing – which might be the things your right clients would love the most. 

Check out the full episode to learn more about how you can stand out to get more of your dream clients by showing YOUR personality and magic!

This is a replay of episode 11.

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Key takeaways

Think about how you can help your dream clients. What do they need from you? 

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Sustainable Photography
[REPLAY] Learn to stand out so you get booked

hi, i'm ingvild

This podcast is all about education and inspiration for photographers. A sustainable business is profitable and lasting. Instead of short-term wins you want to make sure you’re doing things that matter. Both to yourself, and to create the business you want. The goal of this podcast is that it will help you build and structure your business around your life, instead of the other way around.

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