[REPLAY] Improve your website and book more clients

Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 61 "Worry less by using a website for your photography business"

Having a website for your photography business is common nowadays. It’s the most stress-free way of getting inquiries from potential clients. 

Your website can work for you and give your inquiries while you focus on other things in your photography business. Getting to the point where your website shows up in relevant searches is extremely valuable. This is where SEO comes in, to help your photography business more visible in Google searches. 

But for you to get inquiries, it’s not enough for you to have a website that shows up when people are searching.

In this episode, you’ll learn how important it is to build a website that WORKS if you want to get bookings.

This is a replay of episode 61.

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Key takeaways

So often I see photographers taking things for granted. You know what high-resolution images mean, or what the purpose of an in-person sales meeting is. But you have to spell it out for your clients. You have to show that you are the expert that your clients are paying you to be. That must be reflected on your website. But you have to use language that they can understand and relate to. 

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Ingvild Kolnes is the host of the Sustainable Photography Podcast, an educator for photographers, and is ready to help you with your photography business. 

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Sustainable Photography
Sustainable Photography
[REPLAY] Improve your website and book more clients

hi, i'm ingvild

This podcast is all about education and inspiration for photographers. A sustainable business is profitable and lasting. Instead of short-term wins you want to make sure you’re doing things that matter. Both to yourself, and to create the business you want. The goal of this podcast is that it will help you build and structure your business around your life, instead of the other way around.

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Sustainable Podcast Cover Episode 63 "Dare to charge more for sustainability in your photography business"

Replay. Charge more for your photography