50. Achieve an abundance mindset in photography with Aislinn Eileen

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Aislinn Eileen is a wealth expander, confidence coach, and multi-six-figure business owner. She also worked as a luxury wedding photographer for 13 years before transitioning into coaching. She helps high-achieving wedding pros and coaches expand their perspectives and scale their businesses easily. Through content strategy, mindset work, and business strategy she’ll help you take your business and mindset to the next level of abundance.

Having the right mindset can do wonders for you and your photography business. When your mind is set on doing what you believe is best for you and your brand, your affirmations and actions also align. You always see the positive things that can increase your income. You see that there’s an abundance for growth. Opportunities become endless when you have a positive mindset. This is why it is important to have an abundant mindset in photography. It’s setting your mind for all the good things to come your way.

What makes a business sustainable?

A business becomes sustainable when you, as the business photography owner, have a long-term mindset. You must be focused on creating a vision right from the start. You can also ask yourself these questions:

  • “What kind of impact do I wanna create on my clients?”
  • “What is my mission?”
  • “How do I wanna make people feel?”

It’s having that mindset and vision along with the actions to achieve it. Your actions must be aligned with what you envision your business to be in the future. A business also becomes even more sustainable when you have different streams of income.

Having the right mindset

How does your mind work? You should try to stay curious and question your surroundings. When we get curious, we become more aware of our thoughts. And what kind of thoughts are serving us, keeping us safe, and moving forward? It also helps us to know which thoughts could be heavy on our well-being. 

When you have the right thoughts, the right mindset, that’s where you align your actions with. It is imagining what you want and working your way for it to become a reality. To do this, it might be helpful to create a vision board. Here are some tips:

  • If you like writing, you can do vision work through scripts of affirmations. Who are you going to be in the next 3 or 6 months? Make a written plan on how you can reach that vision.
  • If you’re more of a visual person, you can find pictures that can represent your vision in the next 3 or 6 months. 
  • You can also journal to track your progress. 

Having an abundance mindset as a photographer

An abundance mindset in photography allows you to see the opportunities around you and your business. If you are able to have an abundant mindset as a photographer you easily look for opportunities and growth to expand your business. 

When you train your mind for this, you see opportunities in almost every way. You no longer focus on the bad things.  It’s like your mind has been awakened to see every opportunity to grow your business. It’s like everywhere you see that makes you believe in an abundance mindset.

Learn the power of your mind in our podcast episode.

Episode 9

Investing in your photography business

Investing in your photography business is big because the tools and equipment can be expensive. But the latest tools and equipment like the most expensive camera lens don’t matter much. You don’t need to buy the newest camera model and have a lot of lenses. That’s why it is important to think wisely when it comes to investing. Here are some tips:

  • If you really need to upgrade your equipment, you can rent camera lenses before you buy new ones. 
  • Invest in your skills and knowledge. You can take online classes or courses. 
  • Hiring a coach or mentor will definitely help you get on track with your vision. 
  • Listen to podcasts and gain insight from other photographers in the business

With your investment and abundance mindset, the way you communicate with others will also change. You will realize that the way you speak with your clients is a manifestation of your daily affirmations on your vision board. Your affirmations and the way you see opportunities will also elevate your personality and brand. Because you can now offer so much and create a different experience for your clients, you can increase your prices.  Learn the value of high prices in our podcast episode 19. 

Learn the value of high prices in our podcast episode.

Episode 19

How to avoid disruptions with an abundance mindset in photography

One of the biggest disruptions that can affect your abundance mindset in photography is self-sabotage. Here are the ways you are self-sabotaging:

  • When you play into the chaos of your client’s emotions. If you react to every client’s emotion, your energy is no longer neutral. That can affect your work and the experience you give your clients. 
  • When you think you’re not worthy to talk to people. It’s imposter syndrome speaking. It’s you getting afraid to communicate. Learn more about the imposter syndrome in our podcast episode 25.
  • Believing there’s never enough. It’s when you book a client that’s not aligned with your brand or personality. You’re taking someone else’s opportunity at the risk of disconnecting with the booked client. 
  • Avoid investing in education like taking a program or hiring a coach. 
  • You make decisions when you’re in an emotional state. 
  • Not taking care of yourself. You also need to rest. Get that work and life balance!

Focus on creating an abundance mindset as a photographer. You should have that deep mindset work, money belief work, and success belief work. All of that is very important because if you don’t believe that you’re successful, everything fails. 

What Aislinn wants you to know

We are creators. We have the ability to create massive impact, wealth, abundance, and positivity in the world. So it’s our job to create businesses that support that vision. And that comes down to a mix of energy and strategy work.

When you learn how to have that abundance mindset in photography, there are endless opportunities out there for you. Create your vision board and start working on your affirmations. Have that abundance mindset in photography now and let opportunities open for you

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50. Achieve an abundance mindset in photography with Aislinn Eileen

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