40. Instagram tips for photographers with Kristen Sturdevant

Episode 40 of the Sustainable Photography "The Instagram tips you need in your photography business right now with Kristen Sturdevant"

Kristen is a social media coach and content creator. Over the last 7 years, she has worked with international nonprofits, influencers, and several wedding and photography industry professionals. She’s passionate about authentic storytelling and focuses on creating engaging content online that encourages connection. In addition to social media, she specializes in brand design and rebranding.

Social media has taken the internet to greater levels. Almost everyone is on Instagram and Facebook. Sharing content is as easy as one click. The world is getting smaller as we build connections virtually. 

Instagram has definitely become one of the fastest-growing online content platforms. Almost all photographers are on it, posting photos, videos, and stories for the whole world to see. 

Sustainable business and social media

Sustainable business is all about balance. It’s about finding a balance between your personal life and your business. This will put the right systems into place. 

By doing this, you can avoid burnout. Sometimes, social media management is not that stressful to do. Just be sure that you make time and do things in batches. Scheduling your content online is a huge advantage these days. 

Instagram-worthy tips for your photography business

Instagram is probably one of the best social media platforms out there. It’s the easiest free application to share your work and engage with potential clients. It is widely used for capturing moments and experiences to be shared with your audience. 

With over 1.2 billion users around the world, it’s a great place for photographers to gain followers by sharing their work. You can easily share a glimpse of your work or day using Instagram Stories. And with Instagram Reels, you can share more content by using short videos. 

For many, the sky is the limit when it comes to posting. Always remember to stay true to your brand. Allowing the pressure of publishing to impact your branding and personality is not a good idea. There are many Instagram tips for photographers that you can pick up while using the app.

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Episode 4

Content strategy on Instagram

When you have so many photos or videos to share, it can be overwhelming. Here are some Instagram tips for your content strategy:

  1. Build a content calendar
  2. Look into your insights (number of likes, engagement, reels, stories) and check which posts are performing.
  3. Have somewhere to put all your plans or topics. It could be a notebook, your Ipad, or anything you can put your thoughts on. 
  4. Develop themes that you can rotate or schedule in your content calendar.
  5. Be consistent and stick to your branding.
  6. Maximize the use of hashtags. 
  7. Share videos.
  8. Offer a glimpse of your life at work. 

Bottom line is, to do stuff or post content that will do well. Connection or engagement is the best way to use Instagram. 

Instagram tips for photographers

Most people appreciate things they can relate to well. Sometimes, trying to please everyone (or even the majority) on social media will lead you to problems. Here are some Instagram tips for photographers like you:

  • You don’t have to be perfect, embrace your flaws.
  • Be as authentic as you can be. 
  • Oversharing online content. 
  • Have enough posts or content. 
  • Nobody is gonna be critical of what you post as long as you’re not being rude. 
  • Stop sharing with your peers. You’re on Instagram to get to know your clients, not to impress other photographers. 

Not everything is about numbers. You may have a large following but your engagement rate is low. Rather than aiming to gain more followers, focus on improving your interaction. This is what keeps your customers and audience interested in keeping up with you. Focus on building a community where your followers can engage. 

Investing in social media management

Posting your photos on Instagram can be quite easy but sometimes, the other tasks may overwhelm you. And this is when a social media manager comes in. They can easily plan your online content schedule based on what you want for your brand and business. Some may offer premium prices. You can always check Upwork or Fiverr for more affordable pricing for starters. A premium price provides you with a service that is more professional. 

Social media management is a highly personalized service. You have to know what you want to achieve by using social media. Consistency is key. That’s one of the biggest Instagram tips for photographers like you.

For more details on outsourcing, you may listen to our podcast episode with Jan Madigan

Episode 24

What Kristen wants you to know

Social media is one way of promoting your brand and services. It’s the most fun way to share your products, services, and even a glimpse of your personal life. Always be consistent and authentic. Because your high engagement with followers is better than having a huge following. Have fun posting!

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40. Instagram tips for photographers with Kristen Sturdevant

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