34. What It Takes To Become A Birth Photographer with Eva Rose

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Eva Rose is a birth photographer and also a doula, or a professional labor assistant. She made a documentary series called the birth photographer in 2016 and published a book birth and 2017. She’s also active on her social media platforms to share things about birthing rights.

Birth photography is documenting a mother’s delivery of a child. It is one of the best moments or milestones in anyone’s life. Being able to capture it is one of the most priceless experiences a photographer can ever get. You can get to know how to become a birth photographer in this podcast episode.

How to run a successful and sustainable photography business

1. Passion is key if you want to succeed as a photographer

For Eva, it goes beyond birth photography. It’s all about birthrights, raising awareness, and sharing experiences. As a photographer, you have to go beyond the skills and techniques in your photography. Take a look at yourself. What are you most passionate about in your photography? Align your business with your passion. 

2. Give your clients the power to believe in themselves.

For birth photographers, most of the time, women are vulnerable. They might feel insecure. Full of hormones and anxiety. As a photographer, it is your job to make them feel comfortable being photographed. Make them believe there is power in what they do. Create a safe space for your clients to feel at ease. 

3. Use your work as a way to connect with people.

Aside from different social media platforms, there are a lot of ways for you to share your work. It can be through an exhibition where a lot of people can see your photos. You can also publish a book to highlight your best photography work. 

What a sustainable business is

Episode 3

Raising awareness through photography

Many women are afraid of giving birth. Most people think it is bloody, messy, and scary. Through birth photography, the beauty of giving birth is highlighted. For photographers, raising awareness is important in sharing the experiences of others. Capturing special moments like these make more people aware of how it is done. What it takes a woman to endure just to bring a blessing to the world. 

For Eva, it is also being an advocate of birthrights and sharing knowledge with many people. As a photographer, your job is also to capture and share what your lens has caught. Your photos can show a lot of ideas and thoughts. 

The politics in birth and birthrights

Eva has been working hard in encouraging more people to become birth photographers. She believes in the continuity of care. For this, you sometimes have to hire a doula. Eva is also opening an exhibition to show people that everything is normal in giving birth. Anything can happen, it can be awful yet incredible. That’s when the magic of being a birth photographer happens. 

Many women now feel empowered through their birth photos. As a photographer, when you get feedback like this, it gives you more energy and motivation. 

The beauty in birth photography

Birth photography, compared to other niche photography, doesn’t necessarily make much money. But, as Eva shares, it’s good for her heart and soul. It may be boring to some, but the experience is undeniably priceless. Also, the birth can start at any moment. You have to be ready at a drop of a hat. 

Because birth photography shows the vulnerability of a mother delivering her baby, trust is very important. You are witnessing a very important milestone. By being there, great trust and connection have to be established with your client. 

You must also have nice energy and be sure that you won’t get anxious. Overcome your fears before you go into the birthing room. Energies are contagious. When you have that good energy, it flows to the room. It also makes people and the mother at ease. She can focus on giving birth. 

Learning and avoiding mistakes in birth photography

As a photographer, you have to be flexible. Birth photography is not always that profitable. That is why it is best if you have other photography jobs or services that you can offer. Here are some tips:

  1. Learn about birth photography. Birth photography is not for everyone. It’s best to do your research and set your expectations. 
  2. While in the birthing room, avoid taking too many photos. Know when to take photos, the clicking sound of the shutter can be too distracting. Most of the time you can sit down and wait for the perfect moment to press your shutter. 
  3. Lighting tools also make a difference in the photos. For water birth, you can use small lights just to enhance the scene of giving birth. 
  4. Use black and white photos. It tones down the blood and mess in the photos. Sometimes, clients will ask for colored ones.
  5. Join contests or competitions. Opportunities come and go so better grab one that comes your way. You might win and this can be added to your portfolio. 
  6. Get paid fairly. It is best to offer packages, you can combine maternity and birth photos into one exclusive deal. Or you can offer birth and newborn shoots. Mix and match to suit your own and your client’s needs.

Check out episode 19 to learn about the value of high prices.

Episode 19

If you’re new, you may want to try one free birth photography. After that, you can check whether you can really pursue birth photography. 

Eva wants you to know

The best feeling that you can have as a photographer is when your client thanks you for being there. When you’re able to capture those priceless moments of giving birth. Every birth is a blessing. If you want to pursue this niche, you need to be fearless and study how to become a good birth photographer.  

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Podcast cover for Episode 34 " What it takes to become a Birth Photographer with Eva Rose"
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34. What It Takes To Become A Birth Photographer with Eva Rose

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