112. Transforming your photography business with powerful copy with Andrea Shah

Copywriting, when done right, can turn your photography business into a high-converting machine. Andrea Shaw is a talented copywriter who specializes in helping photographers articulate the uniqueness of their businesses and connect strongly with their ideal clients.

Andrea Shah writes websites for wedding pros & photographers who want to be the last tab standing in their ideal client’s browser. Her job is to nail down what makes you and your business unique, then transform that into words that make them say ‘that’s it, this is who we’re booking.’ In a previous life, she worked on the agency side, where she learned almost everything she knows about brand voice, SEO, user experience, and how to get people to give feedback that actually means something. And before that, she worked in a Tex-Mex restaurant with a legendary slogan.

The value of Testimonials in Copywriting

Client testimonials play a crucial role in showcasing your authenticity. Andrea highlighted the importance of weaving testimonials throughout your website instead of confining them to one page. Long blocks of text can be tidied up by pulling out compelling fragments to showcase.

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Pricing Transparency: To Share or Not to Share?

While the question of whether or not to share prices on your website may seem like a delicate balancing act, according to Andrea, it’s a necessity. Having clear pricing allows potential clients to know if you fit within their budget, reducing the chances of a ‘sales shock’ later on.

SEO Basics

Deciding on one keyword per page is enough to optimize your SEO. Be strategic about where you use your keyword — once in the header and a couple of times in the body. Andrea also suggested creating separate pages for each photography service.

Making Packages Appeal to Clients

Andrea shared some tricks on how to make packages appealing by using specific language to paint a vivid picture of the client experience. Avoid stuffing your website with various packages. Instead, offer a few differentiated packages and share further details during the sales process.


No two businesses are exactly alike. The same applies to photography. Your uniqueness is your most potent selling point, and articulating this effectively makes a remarkable difference. Whether you’re doing it yourself or working with a copywriter like Andrea Shaw, crafting compelling copy is the key to standing out in this competitive industry.

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Keep in mind: The more your website copy reflects your personality, the more you’re going to get photography clients who are fulfilling to work with.



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112. Transforming your photography business with powerful copy with Andrea Shah

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