110. The inside scoop on working with high-end clients with Elizabeth Solaru

Baking and photography might appear worlds apart, but in some ways, they share many similarities – especially when it comes to dealing with high-end clients. Enter Elizabeth Solaru, a luxury cake designer with much to share about working with high-end clients that you can apply to your own field.

Elizabeth Solaru is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster.
Elizabeth has appeared on BBC1, the Good Food Channel, Channel 4, BBC Radio
and Sky Living as a luxury expert.

Understanding the High-End Client

While working with high-end clients comes with its advantages, it is not without its challenges. It’s essential to learn how to identify high-end clients; these kinds of clients appreciate quality and are willing to pay for it. An important part of their identity is their love for labels and brands. When dealing with high-end clients, aligning with their interests and showing an understanding of the brands they love can create a stronger connection.

Making Your Service Convenient and Memorable

High-end clients appreciate convenience. Making your service easily accessible and your brand recognizable should be your priority. It’s also crucial to consider your product’s value and how it is perceived by your clients. Make your service and products more than just a thing; make it a memory. This approach often leads to success when dealing with high-end clients.

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Attracting High-End Clients

Attracting high-end clients can be a challenge, but one effective way you can achieve this is through careful branding and strategic positioning. Start by promising quality and delivering on it every time. Networking with other vendors within your field can also boost your visibility. When it comes to working with high-end clients, it’s not so much about where to find them – they are on most social media sites; it’s more about how to attract them.

Setting Expectations and Pricing

Aligning expectations with pricing is key to the success of your high-end photography business. When correctly positioned and priced, you can appeal to the high-end market. You can achieve this by creating top-tier, aspirational services that can drive sales across all your packages.

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Building Relationships with High-End Clients

Relating well with high-end clients often means under-promising and over-delivering. Your services should meet or exceed their expectations. Additionally, developing great relationships with planners and venues can give you more referrals.

Challenges to Anticipate

When dealing with high-end clients, it’s critical to be prepared for some challenges. Expectations are higher, and you need to be equipped to deal with any crises to maintain the high level of service required.

Ending note

Serving high-end clients as a photographer might not always be the easiest route to take; however, the rewards are worth the effort – both in terms of the added income and the prestige it brings to your brand. By understanding these clients, creating a memorable service, setting proper expectations, and building relationships, you can set yourself up for success in the high-end market. As Elizabeth Solaru’s experiences demonstrate, it’s not only about the product; the approach and execution also matter when dealing with high-end clients.

What Elizabeth wants you to know

You need an understanding of the different types of luxury clients, their buying psychology and how to change your mindset to serve this segment.



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110. The inside scoop on working with high-end clients with Elizabeth Solaru

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